Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get a Relocation Estimate

How will you get a relocation estimate?

This is one most common question that most people tend to ask while choosing a mover or a moving company. The answer to this question is quite easy. Use your common sense. You are a consumer and you have every right to ask for the quotes and estimates before you select a moving company. It is advisable to get the relocation estimates from a number of moving companies, rather than from just a single moving company. Just make sure, in advance, to check out if there are any surcharges or fees. Some companies will quote you lowest prices but there will be extra charges hidden and you will end up with incurring more expenses.

Estimates or quotes can be available over the phone after providing proper information. If you don't want to get the estimates for your move over the phone, you can ask the company's representative to visit your place. An estimator will physically visit the office or your home and will check out your things to be moved. He/she will prepare an itemized list of the entire household and on the basis of this the final moving estimate can be produced.

Another possible option is to just check the estimates directly from the company's office. You can find a tons of moving companies in the Internet. Just make a list of all the movers that are existing in your locality and visit their office. You can talk to them directly and get the estimate quotes for your move.

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  6. It's quite funny really I am always moving so I have a lot of experience with this! Broken glass, pcs not working, scratched furniture and such. :( One time in Singapore, after the furniture was moved, the movers didn't know how much to charge me. Lol. You see, when you call them up, you talk to the office people, not the actual movers. Apparently the secretary forgot to tell them how much...

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