Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moving Scams And Laws Governing The Moving Companies

Moving Scams have spread out like virus

Moving Scams has become the most heated up topic of discussion these days, when there's hardly any scope to trust a new mover. I have been moving across the country since years and have gathered a little bit of experience when it comes to a move - be it a domestic/ local move or a long distance one. Many of my peeps have been asking me if I could recommend any good moving company. The answer is not really easy. Had it been so easy to recommend a good mover, there wouldn't be a reason to make a post like this - talking about moving scam.

Presently the moving business are actually over seen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is a part of Federal Department of Transport (DOT). A genuine mover must have a DOT license number, which consumers must check before signing the contract. The FMCSA has as few as only nine investigators, who has to handle an incredibly huge volume of complaints against moving companies every year. When the congress dissolved the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) in the year 1995, they had removed the authority from the FMCSA to raise a voice on the behalf of the consumers, whenever a moving company intended to take undue advantages of their ignorance. Putting it in simpler words, the Congress doesn't have the authority to help you out of wrinkles created by unscrupulous moving companies, even though they want to. In most cases the scam moving companies usually get escaped without paying the fine for any unlawful act they did. Evidences are their that many complaints against movers had been overlooked.

As a matter of fact there are laws governing the moving companies. But on the other level, the moving industry is unique in having some special privileges and legal loopholes that no other industry can even think of enjoying. Consumers have to fight against these legal loopholes enjoyed by the moving companies. If you find yourself trapped into the crunches of the unscrupulous acts of your mover, you can talk to the local police and file complaints with FMCSA and DOT. This is not the end of the story; you need to get in touch with the local, state or federal representatives. Media can really bring in differences! Call the media - newspaper and TV channels. you can write reviews on various free review sites to let people know the reasons for your dissatisfaction.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What to Look For Before You Sign a Moving Company

Inexperienced people might wonder as to why it is always difficult to pick a mover. If you haven't have an experience in moving, probably you won't be able to take things as seriously as it should be. Pre-moving phase is the most vital time, since lots of decisions have to be taken during this time.

Prior to reach out to a mover for the moving quotes and estimates you need to decide which items will be moved Before reaching a mover, decide which items will be moved and which ones will be disposed off. Evaluate what kind of services would you like to get. If you are not confident enough, you might rent a packer to get all your things packed professionally.

Contact a number of packers and make a good list. Talk to all of them severally prior to signing a mover. Ask your friends and other consumers and try to know their experiences with their moving companies. You have to judge the price that they are charging. Compare all the prices before you come up with your decision.

Suppression of facts might prove to be a fool's errand on your part. Inform your mover of every possible situation (if any) that will help them to make a more correct estimate of your move. Make your moving company aware of all kinds of conditions like road access, parking problems, delivery restrictions etc.

Reliability of a mover is one most significant thing! Check out your mover's reliability. Reviews on the web is the one of the best ways to get information about a mover. For more information you can call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and request information about a moving company.

Before signing a mover don't forget to check the DOT license number. Experienced people won't recommend any mover without a the valid license.

Last but not the least, make sure you understand all the points related to coverage for loss or damage of your shipment and all extra charges that you might have to incur, if any.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Relocation With Your Kids

Evidences are there that Relocation is one of the most emotional time, when you need to bid bye to all your long known acquaintances, best pals and some special peeps of your life. You will have to say bye to certain things that you have always loved to see each fine morning, some special twits at your patio, those chirps at your backyard garden that used to raise you from your bed with every sunshine! It is a specially emotional moment for kids and in most cases highly stressful for them - not only physically, but mentally as well. Most important thing is to prepare your children for their upcoming move.

Planning has always been a big issue for a move. Whether you're having a long distant move or a short distance one, try to involve your kids when planning, despite knowing he/she is going to make silly things and comment stupidly. Let him or her enjoy the pre-move phase. By this you can get your kid seasoned before the move actually happens.

Prior to leaving your place, make frequent freak outs with your kids to their favorite places. Take them to the parks they like the most. The zoo, museum, aquarium, lakes, their play zones are all important pockets to visit with your children. Visit kid's best friends' houses. Don't forget to carry your camera and grab every single moment in your lens.

Encourage your kids to exchange home and email addresses and not to be forgotten the phone numbers with their friends. Remind them that keeping in touch from far away is like bridging miles!

Talking to your kids about relocation is of immense significance. Encourage them to express their feelings. this way they can be judged if they are scared or apprehensive about the move to happen.

Explain them your reason to move. Talk to them what special about the new place, the new home and how exciting the new region will be for them. Start making them enjoy a sense of optimism.

Help your kids know more about the new place. Things can all be easily googled from the web! Help them get clue about the new demography, the weather, people and their culture, education and everything.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picking The Right Moving Company

If you have relocated at least once in your life time, I am sure you have realized that moving has usually been one of the most hectic task, with seemingly endless count of things that are to be accounted for. Starting from preparing the packing lists and packing the things carefully, there are tons of things to be accomplished with care. Moreover, although these things only apply to the process of moving, yet you may still have to deal with lots of arrangements to get the power turned on at your new home, arrange for service provider of satellite or cable TV service. Hiring a good moving company may turn out to be one of the best solutions that can help you on your move.

There are hundreds of moving companies buzzing across the net, making it really confusing as to which one to be picked and which ones are to be rejected. Make sure you select your mover with immense care; remember you are giving them the entire responsibility of taking care of your entire possession from your old home to your destination. Good movers would usually guarantee the arrival of your belongings precisely according to your pre-planned schedule. Internet undoubtedly is a big source to find a good mover. All you need is to keep certain things in the forefront of your mind. Make sure that the mover has its fame and proven track records of its big milestones achieved in the past. Pick a mover that will facilitate you with all the most important facilities that you might be needing!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going About Your Property Sale Before Relocation

If you are relocating to a new place, you may have a plan to dispose off your old house. Good that you have a plan to sell off your existing house; it will fetch you a bulk amount of dollars right before you are moving to a new place. The chances of it being sold out gets magnified a multiple times once it gets listed in the market. List your real estate in the market and that will allow you get prospective purchasers. The most interesting thing about it is that it even adjust the price according to the present market condition. True that you may earn some extra dollars by selling it by yourself, but the hassles you might be facing regarding the legal issues pertaining to transfer of ownership may not be compensated by the extra money you would be earning by selling your house by yourself. There are instances that a property sale becomes easier and more convenient with the help of a realtor. Pricing a home for sell is an art. You need to study the market before tag a price to your house to sell. Although a greater part of the market value depends actually on the comparable sales, yet certain other factors that are required to be considered include market movement, the home's location, demand and its present condition.

Most house owners do not have a clear cut idea about the pricing, which lead them to mark a wrong price tag on their salable property. A realtor or an experienced real estate agent will be helping you out in this regard. The best way to go for a effective property sale is to seek an assistance of an experienced realtor. Now the question is what way you are going to sell your property doesn't actually matter. What matter is if you are making the right degree of profit by disposing off your property before you move on to a new location permanently.

Packing Tips For Relocation

When it comes to relocation, it comes to packing! One of the most important aspects that have to be considered seriously is packing. A successful move starts with good packing. Good packing, in turn, is a result of appropriate planning. In most cases I have seen people getting gripped in confusions as to what to pack and what not to! I tend to discard certain things from my list every time I have to relocate. This helps me reduce the weight considerably. I sell of those stuff and earn some dollars too in the process. These are the most significant steps to be followed when it comes to packing.
  • Dispose off all the unwanted goods by holding a short term garage sale. No point moving your age old depreciated furniture and couches to your new home unless they are really expensive ones that you do not want to sell off.
  • It is not recommended to move inflammable stuff such as paint, petrol, gas cylinders etc. Accident can happen any time and at any place.
  • If you do not need all your old clothes, look for the local Charity shops.
  • Make a separate rack for the books that are to be disposed off.
  • Check if all your existing electrical gadgets will work in your the new home. You can sell of certain things if they are too old.
  • Get your rugs washed properly, so that you don't carry dirts to your new home.
  • If you are a music lover, I am sure you are owing a good system. If it's too old and out fashioned, it's advisable to dispose it off. Electronic world is highly dynamic; You can get an advanced system in that price for your new home.
  • If you have kid, he/she has some toys. Separate all the cherished toys to be traveled with and leave out those that do not work well.
  • I you want to take you cab, just Check on all the legal proceedings - import regulations and duty payable thereby.
  • Round up all your personal documentations like marriage certificate, birth certificates, driving licenses, medical reports, official documents and so on and pack them safely.
  • Remember keep your passport safely and separately... they are not to be packed.
  • Pets? Just make sure that vaccinations are done throughly and the related documentations are all up to date.
  • Get your finances close and transfer your bank accounts.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving Your Aquarium

This is another big concern - especially for those who own large fish tanks. Moving an aquarium is more or less as difficult as or probably more difficult than moving a Piano. Moving a fish tank is not generally recommended, especially if the relocation is a long move, because the fishes and the other aquarium animals hardly survive during the move. Fishes and other aquarium animals are not usually not hardy enough to bear the jolts due to relocation - especially a long distance one. Even with the short distance relocation, with best precautionary measures many die out. Hence it is hereby recommended that you better dispose off the fishes and other tank animals and relocate with the tank and peripherals.

Moving the tank is really difficult, but more difficult is moving your filtration system - especially if you have a biological filtration set up. The aerobic bacteria will start to die just within a few hours, if there's no good system of flow of oxygen-laden water. Start off with removing your fish to a temporary holding tank and then drain off your tank water. and dislodge the entire floor setup. keep some of your aquarium plants the holding tank where you have kept the fishes, and pack the rest safely with water so that the roots do not get dried up.

Pack your fish tank yourself or employ experienced packers to packing your tank. Make sure to check with your moving company if they will be providing you with this service and supervise your movers as they pack and load your tank.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top Ten Mistakes Made During Relocation

Hey this something that I found really important to talk about when it comes to relocation. This post is all about some mistakes that people usually make while moving. Candidly speaking, I faced a great deal of problems by making some of these mistakes during my first couple of moves. Moving has always been a difficult task - rather more difficult is to make things go smoothly. Remember, when things go wrong, moving may turn out to be a nightmare. While unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to learn certain things during my first phase of life, you guys have that scope to learn from my mistakes fortunately! Following these moving tips may make your relocation experience a bit more easier.

Cancellation of the existing lease sooner

These days it is expected that all real estate transactions get closed on time, and usually it happens, but sometimes transactions may be delayed a week or two due to some unavoidable circumstances. Sometimes the eviction process consumes a little extra takes and you might find yourself gripped in problems. Planning is essential hereby! Try to terminate your lease just a week after your real estate transaction is scheduled to be closed. That way, if there is a delay in closing your transaction, you will have some leeway to avoid certain problems like this.

Not making proper research about the socio-economic condition in your new location

You will be a fooling your self if you assume to know anything about some most important factors that can affect you adversely, like salary, cost of living, taxes, rents or home values etc. You need to make a detialed research of every significant factors like the ones mentioned above before you move.

Not making proper research on the the demographic factors in your new location

Before you move on to the new location, make sure you have every detailed information about the demographics, schools, hospitals, and other such significant factors. It is of utmost necessary to get in touch with the local chamber of commerce and yur realtor at your new city for more information.

Not setting up cost effective interim housing between destinations

If you haven't yet found a new home in your new city, you may have to arrange for temporary housing until you get a permanent solution. Getting a permanent soluton may take you a few days or may be weeks too. For an interim housing for a few days, staying in a hotel or an apartment with a short-term lease the simplest solution. Don't forget to negotiate the cost and make a bit regorous research on the cost of stay.

Not getting your loan pre-approved in advance

If you do not get your loan approved ahead of time, you might find youreself in depp soup! It will be difficult to locate documents in your packed containers and therefor you might not be able to produce the right document in right time to the bank that will give you the loan.

Not able to sell off your old home

You need to throw advertisements about selling off your existing house much ahead of time. Remember that selling of a house is not like selling off your furniture. It may take a lot of time, and if you are not able to to sell off your house before your move, there's a big chance that you may have to face a severe financial crunch.

Not signing a good professional mover

This is one biggest fault that most people tend to make. Identifying a good mover is really, tough but this is the only solution to make your move smooth. Ask you friends and look for the online directories of movers in your locality. Talk to many, and analysis who will be providing you with facilities t cater to your specific needs. If possible visit their office personally and try to understand the way they operate.

Signing the agreement without properly understanding the entire clauses

Do not sign the agreement without understanding all the points in the agreement. Most good movers or well-organized relocation companies employ service managers for monitor the entire process under expert supervision. This is immensely needed to make your relocation experience a pleasure. Try to establishing the limitation of the liability of the carrier. The main features should be clearly described in the valuation declaration section of the bill of lading. The time periods for filing claims and its main features should be are described in Section 6 of the bill of lading.

Not clearly understanding the cost involved in the process

Try to understand the overall cost involved in the process of your relocation. Don't sign the contract until things are all crystal clear to you. There shouldn't b any hidden cost, although the cost may vary to a little extent. Remember there will be certain rights of the carriers reserved. You need to assess additional charges for additional services performed, and on non-binding estimates, to base charges upon the exact weight of the goods transported.

Not understanding your kids' and Pets' concerns

Many children and pets are highly reluctant to move. This is to be taken into serious consideration. Some kids and pets cannot tolerate long distance move. Therefore it is essential to consult a pediatrician and a vet and carry the necessary medicines and items on the move. Remember if the journey is a long one you might need to give frequent halts in safe places.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

International Relocation Tips

Hey... have you ever spared a thought over the issue of relocating in a different country? How long does it actually take you to shift to a different nation altogether? One month... or probably two months. If you are a bit too laid back it may take you a three month or so at the max! Have you thought of the Indian Premier League (IPL)? IPL had just a few days to move and that was a bit over three weeks or so to ensure the entire tournament to be settled at the new temporary base South Africa. The logistics were really mind boggling! Things were all arranged like magic! But for you and me things are going to be totally different! We need to bank upon the movers.

International relocation is a package of one of the most complicated process. There are series of detailed things that are required to be tended to make your move a success.

Execution of a Power of Attorney

You might require to execute a Power of Attorney before shifting to the new location.In order to do this you need to designate a person who will act on your behalf regarding the financial and other significant matters.

Finances Management at Origin and Destination Country

You need to manage your finance safely and strategically at both the origin country and the destination country to ensure a smooth transition of your entire financial affairs.
  • Before you move, make sure to make thorough discussion about your relocation with your bankers and finance companies, which you are tied up with. A lender's permission may be needed during the time of moving all the unpaid items to a different country.
  • Make sure to open up a bank account at a local branch of any bank that has international operation. This would ensure check-cashing privileges and money transition more rapidly and easily.
Insurance Agent's Letter of Recommendation

Remember, you need to take out new policy, if your current policies won't be valid at the destination country. A Letter of Recommendation will be required from the present insurance agent to get a new policies.

Internal Revenue System (IRS)

Internal Revenue System is another very important thing in this regard, if you are expecting a tax refund. You need to correctly notify the appropriate revenue department that your address is changing, along with all other related details.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Piano Moving Tips - Finding a Perfect Piano Mover

Hey... just yesterday's party was a big blast! Dora and her family are relocating to Alabama and she threw a grand get-together for her friends. Dora is an amazing pianist and has played at many small and medium concerts. She has been my friend since the day I came to Utah back in the year 2007. She has been taking my advices and suggestions for quite a couple of months long. Now finally she's stuck with a new problem. Her Piano! She loves her piano more then her husband! How to move this Piano safely. Good news is that, it's not too late and Dora has as many as 24 days in hand to relocate. Planning ahead is essentially necessary and that's what she wanted me to help her out with.

When it comes to move your piano, you need to pick the right mover, and the fact is that you can never be too thorough in the process. Remember you are going to entrust one of the most expensive and highly delicate instrument into others' care! All you need to do is to check out first if they have any proven track record of relocating Pianos. This is not everybody's cup of tea! If they have any prove track record, ask for the reference of some people whose Pianos had actually been shifted by this movers.

One better way to look for a good Piano mover is to call the local
Another method of checking out a piano movers reputation is to call the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can also check the BBB online too. You will be able to see there, if any complaints had been filed ever.

You can find specialized Piano movers over the net and contact them to make the most competitive bid to move your piano.

Things to Remember Before Move

Relocating is really exciting, provided you do things in a planned way! It opens up an opportunity for a real big change in life. I find relocation to be exciting, because I get new twist in life... new places, new faces, new parks to stroll around and new guys to hook up with! Things will always be a great, until you leave any scope to turn it into a big disaster. So plan properly and in advance. Don't forget to discuss things with your pals. They may help you in planning and organizing your move. While moving from one city to another, all you need to know is what can be expected from your mover, what should be requested to your mover and chiefly if your mover can really provide you with the facilities you would be needing. Selecting the right is really a big deal, where most people tend to make mistake. By selecting a wrong mover you can end up with a real bitter experience - a nightmare.

Beware of brokers. If you are looking for a mover, chances are there that you may find yourself trapped in the wrinkles of brokers. They are just the middle man that most of the low-famed moving companies employ to fetch business. Remember good movers usually do not brokers.

On the day of your move:

This is again the most vital as well as a very stressful day! Vital because you need to keep tons of things in your mind and missing out a single small thing might throw you into big loss in short future!

Make sure you put away all vital documents including your medical reports, and official certificates and other papers of value safely with yourself. Documents such passports, airline tickets, cash, travel addresses, destination country contact details, portable computers, phones, keys etc. are all priceless things that you need to keep with yourself until you reach your destination safely. So do not pack them with other stuff.

Upon the arrival of the packing crew, just go round your home with the crew foreman to show him the things to be packed. Talk to him about all essential things that you might want them to know regarding packing. Better making an index of what things are packed where!

Go round your home to check if things have all been packed, before the containers depart.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Make Your Move Organized by Organized Packing

Thanks for dropping by this blog. I am sure you have a plan to relocate shortly, otherwise you wouldn't have been searching for things related to moving. If you are really planning to relocate your life to an entirely new place you will surely love going through these relocation tips.

Drawing from my very personal experience I just intended to pen down some moving tips that would sure keep you away from the probable crunches of relocation. Planning is what is really essential when it comes to move.

Make a list of your belongings
Jot down everything and prepare a list of things that you want to move and of things you want to dispose off. Prior to packing a box, don't miss out even a smallest of the things to keep track of. Whether you make a computer printed list or a hand written one... doesn't really matter. What matters is you have to be careful enough to recoed every single thing before packing. Mark every single box with a Alpha-numeric Code, so that you can make a list of which thing is packed in which box. This would make it easier for you to track things when you will unpack your stuff at your destination.

Have adequate number of supplies
Remember you may need as many boxes and tapes as you haven't thought of even. You'll also need heavy duty plastic sheets newspapers and thermocol balls in adequette quantity. Having enough supplies like boxes, thermocols, tapes etc. will make your life easier and so your move too! Have at least a few boxes kept aside to be used at the final moments, like packing your bedding, your clothing, some utensils, etc.

Extra attention to valuable items
It is advisable to take extra attention to your valuable and/or delicate items such as your computer, television set, and high value electronic gadgets. Packing should be done carefully for crockeries too! If you have an expensive mirror or a valuable chandelier set you need to be extra cautious while packing it.

Personal boxes
Make a personal bag for each of your family members. For each of your members make bags of different color so that they are easily recognized while on the move. This will help each of the member to carry their personal stuff like headset, cell phone, chargers, extension cords, towels, address book, pocket PC, pen, keys, and other essential stuff.

Check out moving to and from New York for all your moving needs from and to New York. They also provide moving boxes and moving supplies.

Just a Strategic Planning Can Make Your Move Smooth

In fact approximately over 60% of all residential moves usually take place during summer months. Since I've moved almost around 9 times in last 25 years, with all the moves being across the country with my pets, I am really feeling qualified to share my experiences. With this write up, my goal is to help my readers by showing them how to ease the financial burden related to relocation. Just a little bit of strategic planning can help you ease your financial burden while on move.

Online Finance Management

Many banks and credit unions have come up with some of the most wonderful features, by which you can manage your overall finance, clients' accounts etc. This is the era of Internet, and if you have Internet access, managing your bank accounts online is just as easy as ABC. Provided, you are maintaining apt security measures with your computer, then managing your finance online is safe, easy amd fast. You can accomplish these tasks, as well as viewing all of your up-to-date bank statements whenever and wherever you want.One of the most interesting features of online account management is web bill pay, which most of the renowned banks offer to their customers absolutely for free!

Be Organized and Plan Ahead

This is what I had been lacking during the first phase of my life, when I started moving. And my first couple of move was really nightmares! Well now, I cannot blame my movers... rather I was responsible for that, since planning hadn't been done ahead of time. Being a bit laid back kinda guy and wasted a lot of time just having stroll around the parks and lakes.

I suggest you to make certain important things prior to your move:
  • Contact number of professional movers at least 2 months prior to your move.
  • Determine which company suits the best for you as per your needs.
  • Compare prices for all the services involved in your move that you will be paying.
  • Prepare a checklist for everything that you need to do. The list should include informing your insurance company, shutting off the utilities, forwarding mails.
  • Keep all your medical records separately in a safe place.

Things to be remembered:
  • Remember, lowest price shouldn't be the sole consideration with a mover. Reputation of a company is one of the most significant factors to be kept in your mind when it comes to pick the right mover.
  • Try to schedule your move When you schedule your move duing a weekend morning.
  • Prior to sign the contract ask the What kind of containers is your mover going to provide. Whether they are sturdy enough to save your stuff from breaking due to jolts and from natural calamities.
  • Make sure that everything is clearly labeled
  • Maintain an inventory of things that are packed.

My Experience With a Moving Comapany

Relocation Information is a blog that is a result of my unflagging urge to share my experiences that I could gather all these years of shifting my home from city to city. Every time I've planned to relocate to a new city I find myself stuck with tons of confusions. I did a lot of move during my past few years of life. I think, now I have taken much of the things within my grip! "Experience is a great teacher!" During my move to Ohio, I had some bitter experiences with my mover. I had a set up at Minnesota and had been staying there for a couple years. Although I planned my move a bit in advance, but my selection in picking the right mover was wrong. They started off with loads of bombastic commitments to make my move a real good experience for me. But that turned out to be my life's worst experience, when I found that ended up needing 4 more boxes, although initially they estimated 6 boxes. I found someone with lower cost and asked my mover if I could get back my boxes. I was ready to incur the entire expenses they made on the boxes and transportation. But they claimed 3525rmb for breaking the contract, which was too high!

Finding no other options left out, I had to start off move with a pretty bad headache and loads of tensions swirling in my mind. That 674 miles move from Minnesota to Ohio was a real hectic experience for me. It was the worst pain I have ever taken in my life... more painful for was the moment when I found most of my glass plate crushed. Even more painful situation for me was the moment, when I saw my new Mac with it's glass cracked diagonally.

Nothing could be more important for you than to pick the right mover, when it comes to relocation!