Friday, June 5, 2009

Prepare Your Home Plants For The Move

How to prepare your home plants for the move? This is one most important question that many gardener tend to worry about when it come to move! Here are some tips on how to prepare your plants for the relocation. If you're moving locally, sometimes your plants are not allowed to move along with you. I remember my move from California to Toronto years back; I got stuck to a real bitter problem. My long loved potted peach bonsai had been disallowed into Canada. I was really heartbroken and had to give off my most loved peach bonsai to the customs there! My days were blue for some times without my bonsai. I hope she is living well in some garden.

Prior to take your plant to your new destination, try to know if there is any legal restrictions. Get all necessary information about which species are allowed. It is a real terrible feeling to leave of your greens to the custom officers, without knowing if he has a green thumb at all!

Believe me... I talked to many movers. I know that most of the movers do not cover the damage to your plants, since they are too delicate to sustain the jolts of the move. Check before your sign the contract if your mover will cover damages to your plants. If they do so, ask them if there are any rules or any additional expenses to be incurred.

If you are an experienced gardener, you can pick the do-it-yourself option! You will better know the nature of each kind of plant and you can arrange them accordingly. Plan your packing scheme! Get some sturdy boxes for your plants to be packed. Don't forget to stuff bubble wraps and foam cushions between pots, so they won't break! Remember you need to pack the tall plants in plastics; create some holes so you plant can breath.

All plants cannot suite to all kind of climates. Before you plan move your plants, spare a second thought on it. Check if you have any varieties that will not be able to adopt the new climate. If you have such plants, better to leave them with a responsible gardener pall who you know for long.

Moving with your plants requires huge lot of thoughts and decisions to be taken. It is advisable not to make mess in haste.


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