Friday, May 8, 2009

My Experience With a Moving Comapany

Relocation Information is a blog that is a result of my unflagging urge to share my experiences that I could gather all these years of shifting my home from city to city. Every time I've planned to relocate to a new city I find myself stuck with tons of confusions. I did a lot of move during my past few years of life. I think, now I have taken much of the things within my grip! "Experience is a great teacher!" During my move to Ohio, I had some bitter experiences with my mover. I had a set up at Minnesota and had been staying there for a couple years. Although I planned my move a bit in advance, but my selection in picking the right mover was wrong. They started off with loads of bombastic commitments to make my move a real good experience for me. But that turned out to be my life's worst experience, when I found that ended up needing 4 more boxes, although initially they estimated 6 boxes. I found someone with lower cost and asked my mover if I could get back my boxes. I was ready to incur the entire expenses they made on the boxes and transportation. But they claimed 3525rmb for breaking the contract, which was too high!

Finding no other options left out, I had to start off move with a pretty bad headache and loads of tensions swirling in my mind. That 674 miles move from Minnesota to Ohio was a real hectic experience for me. It was the worst pain I have ever taken in my life... more painful for was the moment when I found most of my glass plate crushed. Even more painful situation for me was the moment, when I saw my new Mac with it's glass cracked diagonally.

Nothing could be more important for you than to pick the right mover, when it comes to relocation!

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