Thursday, May 14, 2009

International Relocation Tips

Hey... have you ever spared a thought over the issue of relocating in a different country? How long does it actually take you to shift to a different nation altogether? One month... or probably two months. If you are a bit too laid back it may take you a three month or so at the max! Have you thought of the Indian Premier League (IPL)? IPL had just a few days to move and that was a bit over three weeks or so to ensure the entire tournament to be settled at the new temporary base South Africa. The logistics were really mind boggling! Things were all arranged like magic! But for you and me things are going to be totally different! We need to bank upon the movers.

International relocation is a package of one of the most complicated process. There are series of detailed things that are required to be tended to make your move a success.

Execution of a Power of Attorney

You might require to execute a Power of Attorney before shifting to the new location.In order to do this you need to designate a person who will act on your behalf regarding the financial and other significant matters.

Finances Management at Origin and Destination Country

You need to manage your finance safely and strategically at both the origin country and the destination country to ensure a smooth transition of your entire financial affairs.
  • Before you move, make sure to make thorough discussion about your relocation with your bankers and finance companies, which you are tied up with. A lender's permission may be needed during the time of moving all the unpaid items to a different country.
  • Make sure to open up a bank account at a local branch of any bank that has international operation. This would ensure check-cashing privileges and money transition more rapidly and easily.
Insurance Agent's Letter of Recommendation

Remember, you need to take out new policy, if your current policies won't be valid at the destination country. A Letter of Recommendation will be required from the present insurance agent to get a new policies.

Internal Revenue System (IRS)

Internal Revenue System is another very important thing in this regard, if you are expecting a tax refund. You need to correctly notify the appropriate revenue department that your address is changing, along with all other related details.

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