Friday, May 8, 2009

Make Your Move Organized by Organized Packing

Thanks for dropping by this blog. I am sure you have a plan to relocate shortly, otherwise you wouldn't have been searching for things related to moving. If you are really planning to relocate your life to an entirely new place you will surely love going through these relocation tips.

Drawing from my very personal experience I just intended to pen down some moving tips that would sure keep you away from the probable crunches of relocation. Planning is what is really essential when it comes to move.

Make a list of your belongings
Jot down everything and prepare a list of things that you want to move and of things you want to dispose off. Prior to packing a box, don't miss out even a smallest of the things to keep track of. Whether you make a computer printed list or a hand written one... doesn't really matter. What matters is you have to be careful enough to recoed every single thing before packing. Mark every single box with a Alpha-numeric Code, so that you can make a list of which thing is packed in which box. This would make it easier for you to track things when you will unpack your stuff at your destination.

Have adequate number of supplies
Remember you may need as many boxes and tapes as you haven't thought of even. You'll also need heavy duty plastic sheets newspapers and thermocol balls in adequette quantity. Having enough supplies like boxes, thermocols, tapes etc. will make your life easier and so your move too! Have at least a few boxes kept aside to be used at the final moments, like packing your bedding, your clothing, some utensils, etc.

Extra attention to valuable items
It is advisable to take extra attention to your valuable and/or delicate items such as your computer, television set, and high value electronic gadgets. Packing should be done carefully for crockeries too! If you have an expensive mirror or a valuable chandelier set you need to be extra cautious while packing it.

Personal boxes
Make a personal bag for each of your family members. For each of your members make bags of different color so that they are easily recognized while on the move. This will help each of the member to carry their personal stuff like headset, cell phone, chargers, extension cords, towels, address book, pocket PC, pen, keys, and other essential stuff.

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