Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving Your Aquarium

This is another big concern - especially for those who own large fish tanks. Moving an aquarium is more or less as difficult as or probably more difficult than moving a Piano. Moving a fish tank is not generally recommended, especially if the relocation is a long move, because the fishes and the other aquarium animals hardly survive during the move. Fishes and other aquarium animals are not usually not hardy enough to bear the jolts due to relocation - especially a long distance one. Even with the short distance relocation, with best precautionary measures many die out. Hence it is hereby recommended that you better dispose off the fishes and other tank animals and relocate with the tank and peripherals.

Moving the tank is really difficult, but more difficult is moving your filtration system - especially if you have a biological filtration set up. The aerobic bacteria will start to die just within a few hours, if there's no good system of flow of oxygen-laden water. Start off with removing your fish to a temporary holding tank and then drain off your tank water. and dislodge the entire floor setup. keep some of your aquarium plants the holding tank where you have kept the fishes, and pack the rest safely with water so that the roots do not get dried up.

Pack your fish tank yourself or employ experienced packers to packing your tank. Make sure to check with your moving company if they will be providing you with this service and supervise your movers as they pack and load your tank.


  1. My friend has a huge aquarium for his pet sharks and it was amazing. They were named Bubba and George. He was really happy when he found someone who did aquarium relocation in Dayton when he moved.

  2. I am moving across town and I am just wondering if it is worth it to figure out how to do an aquarium relocation in cincinnati, or just sell the aquarium with the house and get a new one in my new home?