Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top Ten Mistakes Made During Relocation

Hey this something that I found really important to talk about when it comes to relocation. This post is all about some mistakes that people usually make while moving. Candidly speaking, I faced a great deal of problems by making some of these mistakes during my first couple of moves. Moving has always been a difficult task - rather more difficult is to make things go smoothly. Remember, when things go wrong, moving may turn out to be a nightmare. While unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to learn certain things during my first phase of life, you guys have that scope to learn from my mistakes fortunately! Following these moving tips may make your relocation experience a bit more easier.

Cancellation of the existing lease sooner

These days it is expected that all real estate transactions get closed on time, and usually it happens, but sometimes transactions may be delayed a week or two due to some unavoidable circumstances. Sometimes the eviction process consumes a little extra takes and you might find yourself gripped in problems. Planning is essential hereby! Try to terminate your lease just a week after your real estate transaction is scheduled to be closed. That way, if there is a delay in closing your transaction, you will have some leeway to avoid certain problems like this.

Not making proper research about the socio-economic condition in your new location

You will be a fooling your self if you assume to know anything about some most important factors that can affect you adversely, like salary, cost of living, taxes, rents or home values etc. You need to make a detialed research of every significant factors like the ones mentioned above before you move.

Not making proper research on the the demographic factors in your new location

Before you move on to the new location, make sure you have every detailed information about the demographics, schools, hospitals, and other such significant factors. It is of utmost necessary to get in touch with the local chamber of commerce and yur realtor at your new city for more information.

Not setting up cost effective interim housing between destinations

If you haven't yet found a new home in your new city, you may have to arrange for temporary housing until you get a permanent solution. Getting a permanent soluton may take you a few days or may be weeks too. For an interim housing for a few days, staying in a hotel or an apartment with a short-term lease the simplest solution. Don't forget to negotiate the cost and make a bit regorous research on the cost of stay.

Not getting your loan pre-approved in advance

If you do not get your loan approved ahead of time, you might find youreself in depp soup! It will be difficult to locate documents in your packed containers and therefor you might not be able to produce the right document in right time to the bank that will give you the loan.

Not able to sell off your old home

You need to throw advertisements about selling off your existing house much ahead of time. Remember that selling of a house is not like selling off your furniture. It may take a lot of time, and if you are not able to to sell off your house before your move, there's a big chance that you may have to face a severe financial crunch.

Not signing a good professional mover

This is one biggest fault that most people tend to make. Identifying a good mover is really, tough but this is the only solution to make your move smooth. Ask you friends and look for the online directories of movers in your locality. Talk to many, and analysis who will be providing you with facilities t cater to your specific needs. If possible visit their office personally and try to understand the way they operate.

Signing the agreement without properly understanding the entire clauses

Do not sign the agreement without understanding all the points in the agreement. Most good movers or well-organized relocation companies employ service managers for monitor the entire process under expert supervision. This is immensely needed to make your relocation experience a pleasure. Try to establishing the limitation of the liability of the carrier. The main features should be clearly described in the valuation declaration section of the bill of lading. The time periods for filing claims and its main features should be are described in Section 6 of the bill of lading.

Not clearly understanding the cost involved in the process

Try to understand the overall cost involved in the process of your relocation. Don't sign the contract until things are all crystal clear to you. There shouldn't b any hidden cost, although the cost may vary to a little extent. Remember there will be certain rights of the carriers reserved. You need to assess additional charges for additional services performed, and on non-binding estimates, to base charges upon the exact weight of the goods transported.

Not understanding your kids' and Pets' concerns

Many children and pets are highly reluctant to move. This is to be taken into serious consideration. Some kids and pets cannot tolerate long distance move. Therefore it is essential to consult a pediatrician and a vet and carry the necessary medicines and items on the move. Remember if the journey is a long one you might need to give frequent halts in safe places.

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