Monday, May 11, 2009

Piano Moving Tips - Finding a Perfect Piano Mover

Hey... just yesterday's party was a big blast! Dora and her family are relocating to Alabama and she threw a grand get-together for her friends. Dora is an amazing pianist and has played at many small and medium concerts. She has been my friend since the day I came to Utah back in the year 2007. She has been taking my advices and suggestions for quite a couple of months long. Now finally she's stuck with a new problem. Her Piano! She loves her piano more then her husband! How to move this Piano safely. Good news is that, it's not too late and Dora has as many as 24 days in hand to relocate. Planning ahead is essentially necessary and that's what she wanted me to help her out with.

When it comes to move your piano, you need to pick the right mover, and the fact is that you can never be too thorough in the process. Remember you are going to entrust one of the most expensive and highly delicate instrument into others' care! All you need to do is to check out first if they have any proven track record of relocating Pianos. This is not everybody's cup of tea! If they have any prove track record, ask for the reference of some people whose Pianos had actually been shifted by this movers.

One better way to look for a good Piano mover is to call the local
Another method of checking out a piano movers reputation is to call the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can also check the BBB online too. You will be able to see there, if any complaints had been filed ever.

You can find specialized Piano movers over the net and contact them to make the most competitive bid to move your piano.


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