Monday, May 11, 2009

Things to Remember Before Move

Relocating is really exciting, provided you do things in a planned way! It opens up an opportunity for a real big change in life. I find relocation to be exciting, because I get new twist in life... new places, new faces, new parks to stroll around and new guys to hook up with! Things will always be a great, until you leave any scope to turn it into a big disaster. So plan properly and in advance. Don't forget to discuss things with your pals. They may help you in planning and organizing your move. While moving from one city to another, all you need to know is what can be expected from your mover, what should be requested to your mover and chiefly if your mover can really provide you with the facilities you would be needing. Selecting the right is really a big deal, where most people tend to make mistake. By selecting a wrong mover you can end up with a real bitter experience - a nightmare.

Beware of brokers. If you are looking for a mover, chances are there that you may find yourself trapped in the wrinkles of brokers. They are just the middle man that most of the low-famed moving companies employ to fetch business. Remember good movers usually do not brokers.

On the day of your move:

This is again the most vital as well as a very stressful day! Vital because you need to keep tons of things in your mind and missing out a single small thing might throw you into big loss in short future!

Make sure you put away all vital documents including your medical reports, and official certificates and other papers of value safely with yourself. Documents such passports, airline tickets, cash, travel addresses, destination country contact details, portable computers, phones, keys etc. are all priceless things that you need to keep with yourself until you reach your destination safely. So do not pack them with other stuff.

Upon the arrival of the packing crew, just go round your home with the crew foreman to show him the things to be packed. Talk to him about all essential things that you might want them to know regarding packing. Better making an index of what things are packed where!

Go round your home to check if things have all been packed, before the containers depart.

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