Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Packing Tips For Relocation

When it comes to relocation, it comes to packing! One of the most important aspects that have to be considered seriously is packing. A successful move starts with good packing. Good packing, in turn, is a result of appropriate planning. In most cases I have seen people getting gripped in confusions as to what to pack and what not to! I tend to discard certain things from my list every time I have to relocate. This helps me reduce the weight considerably. I sell of those stuff and earn some dollars too in the process. These are the most significant steps to be followed when it comes to packing.
  • Dispose off all the unwanted goods by holding a short term garage sale. No point moving your age old depreciated furniture and couches to your new home unless they are really expensive ones that you do not want to sell off.
  • It is not recommended to move inflammable stuff such as paint, petrol, gas cylinders etc. Accident can happen any time and at any place.
  • If you do not need all your old clothes, look for the local Charity shops.
  • Make a separate rack for the books that are to be disposed off.
  • Check if all your existing electrical gadgets will work in your the new home. You can sell of certain things if they are too old.
  • Get your rugs washed properly, so that you don't carry dirts to your new home.
  • If you are a music lover, I am sure you are owing a good system. If it's too old and out fashioned, it's advisable to dispose it off. Electronic world is highly dynamic; You can get an advanced system in that price for your new home.
  • If you have kid, he/she has some toys. Separate all the cherished toys to be traveled with and leave out those that do not work well.
  • I you want to take you cab, just Check on all the legal proceedings - import regulations and duty payable thereby.
  • Round up all your personal documentations like marriage certificate, birth certificates, driving licenses, medical reports, official documents and so on and pack them safely.
  • Remember keep your passport safely and separately... they are not to be packed.
  • Pets? Just make sure that vaccinations are done throughly and the related documentations are all up to date.
  • Get your finances close and transfer your bank accounts.


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