Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a Strategic Planning Can Make Your Move Smooth

In fact approximately over 60% of all residential moves usually take place during summer months. Since I've moved almost around 9 times in last 25 years, with all the moves being across the country with my pets, I am really feeling qualified to share my experiences. With this write up, my goal is to help my readers by showing them how to ease the financial burden related to relocation. Just a little bit of strategic planning can help you ease your financial burden while on move.

Online Finance Management

Many banks and credit unions have come up with some of the most wonderful features, by which you can manage your overall finance, clients' accounts etc. This is the era of Internet, and if you have Internet access, managing your bank accounts online is just as easy as ABC. Provided, you are maintaining apt security measures with your computer, then managing your finance online is safe, easy amd fast. You can accomplish these tasks, as well as viewing all of your up-to-date bank statements whenever and wherever you want.One of the most interesting features of online account management is web bill pay, which most of the renowned banks offer to their customers absolutely for free!

Be Organized and Plan Ahead

This is what I had been lacking during the first phase of my life, when I started moving. And my first couple of move was really nightmares! Well now, I cannot blame my movers... rather I was responsible for that, since planning hadn't been done ahead of time. Being a bit laid back kinda guy and wasted a lot of time just having stroll around the parks and lakes.

I suggest you to make certain important things prior to your move:
  • Contact number of professional movers at least 2 months prior to your move.
  • Determine which company suits the best for you as per your needs.
  • Compare prices for all the services involved in your move that you will be paying.
  • Prepare a checklist for everything that you need to do. The list should include informing your insurance company, shutting off the utilities, forwarding mails.
  • Keep all your medical records separately in a safe place.

Things to be remembered:
  • Remember, lowest price shouldn't be the sole consideration with a mover. Reputation of a company is one of the most significant factors to be kept in your mind when it comes to pick the right mover.
  • Try to schedule your move When you schedule your move duing a weekend morning.
  • Prior to sign the contract ask the What kind of containers is your mover going to provide. Whether they are sturdy enough to save your stuff from breaking due to jolts and from natural calamities.
  • Make sure that everything is clearly labeled
  • Maintain an inventory of things that are packed.

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