Thursday, May 21, 2009

Relocation With Your Kids

Evidences are there that Relocation is one of the most emotional time, when you need to bid bye to all your long known acquaintances, best pals and some special peeps of your life. You will have to say bye to certain things that you have always loved to see each fine morning, some special twits at your patio, those chirps at your backyard garden that used to raise you from your bed with every sunshine! It is a specially emotional moment for kids and in most cases highly stressful for them - not only physically, but mentally as well. Most important thing is to prepare your children for their upcoming move.

Planning has always been a big issue for a move. Whether you're having a long distant move or a short distance one, try to involve your kids when planning, despite knowing he/she is going to make silly things and comment stupidly. Let him or her enjoy the pre-move phase. By this you can get your kid seasoned before the move actually happens.

Prior to leaving your place, make frequent freak outs with your kids to their favorite places. Take them to the parks they like the most. The zoo, museum, aquarium, lakes, their play zones are all important pockets to visit with your children. Visit kid's best friends' houses. Don't forget to carry your camera and grab every single moment in your lens.

Encourage your kids to exchange home and email addresses and not to be forgotten the phone numbers with their friends. Remind them that keeping in touch from far away is like bridging miles!

Talking to your kids about relocation is of immense significance. Encourage them to express their feelings. this way they can be judged if they are scared or apprehensive about the move to happen.

Explain them your reason to move. Talk to them what special about the new place, the new home and how exciting the new region will be for them. Start making them enjoy a sense of optimism.

Help your kids know more about the new place. Things can all be easily googled from the web! Help them get clue about the new demography, the weather, people and their culture, education and everything.

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